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Why do I lose my hair? HeadandBeard

We guess this question triggers lots of people worldwide despite their gender. Well, it’s quite common that hair needs to be renewed and periodically fall out. There is nothing wrong. But if you start noticing whole hair strands on your pillow or comb, then you should definitely read this article, guys.

According to scientists, it’s our genetics that may impact hair loss. Right, people, check carefully your family tree. Probably, this will be the answer.  

Often hair loss can worsen due to the stress, the consequences of childbirth and pregnancy, the use of oral and injectable hormones, or sudden weight changes, for instance. Well, pregnancy is not 100% your thing, right, boys? Otherwise, you will be a science miracle.

Let’s make this clear, friends. Food also plays a crucial role. Today, many eat unhealthy foods that can directly affect the quality of the hair, as it does not contain useful microelements and vitamins. And as a logical consequence, today one of the most common causes of hair loss is the lack of certain vitamins, namely B, D, fat-soluble vitamins and microelements such as zinc, iron, etc.

Also, don’t forget about the scalp. And, specifically, its condition. If you note any white or yellow itchy scales or thick crusts, dandruff, then you are in BIG trouble. Okay, just kidding. Everything has a solution. Basically, dandruff cannot be the primary cause for hair loss. But you may still lose some hair with such a background. So, consider using hair cosmetics against dandruff, and maybe this will prevent further hair loss.

Stay tuned, stay healthy and please remember that nothing is impossible.