Description of films #171

1. Let's welcome madness. Yes, yes, we are not joking. Let it continue to develop, bloom and smell, the unforgettable aroma of which fills the air so greedily, like the smell of napalm and thanks to which all those negative qualities like hatred, envy, violence and aggression are burned out. A new wave of madness will again try to take over the whole country. And so if you forgot what was discussed in the first part or did not look at it at all, then let's briefly clarify the situation: a world in which people live in prosperity, tranquility, satiety and prosperity. And for all this they have to pay one night of 12 hours, which is called "Judgment Night". This is the time when all law enforcement agencies and security services cease their activities, which means that at this time all criminals who have committed crimes cannot be punished.

Simply put, with the onset of this night, you can do anything. If you have the power, you can use it on anyone, but it's worth remembering that someone can be stronger than you, faster or faster. So there are only two situations: either you take a risk, or you hide - there is no other way. So if at 7 in the morning you get a neighbor who does what he drills the walls with a puncher, then you should not be angry - wait for the judgment night and you will be able to take revenge in full. Does it feel crazy? So in this part of madness there is more than enough, if in the first part we could observe only one house, then here the whole city is absorbed into madness.

2. Did you know that the percentage of matching panda and human genes is 68 percent? And there are also unique individuals who have this percentage equal to 80? Surprised? But that's not all. Did you know that in the not-so-distant 70s, it was the panda that was a serious element of China's foreign policy? And all because pandas live exclusively in China and they are all under the protection of the People's Republic of China. The Chinese had an interesting idea, they decided to lease pandas to other governments for as much as 10 years with a payment of $ 1 million for each year, and with all this, if they have offspring, then the same offspring will belong to China.

Until now, humanity has not been aware of the pandocontrabandists, and all because there are not so many of them left, namely about one and a half thousand. And those who are in the zoo are almost considered state importance, and the harm that will be inflicted on them by a person is punishable by death. But there are also cases when pandas are subjected to serious tests, such as a bunch of stupid but aggressive wolves led by a crane. Zagraj w swoje ulubione gry kasynowe online w . Ciesz się wspaniałymi bonusami i nagrodami, wsparciem 24/7 i nie tylko! Zarejestruj się teraz i zacznij grać już dziś.