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Transfusion therapy: registration rules and control over the patient's condition

Registration of patients for transfusion therapy is an important part of patient safety. It guarantees that patients will not give blood drugs in which they do not need, and helps to ensure the safety of blood drugs. Registration of registration so that the patient is registered for transfusion therapy, the following conditions must be met: all patients must be registered until whatever -lib of the drug of blood. This applies to both patients who need hospitalization and those who are accepted outpatiently. Pacrants can be registered only after their condition assessment of their condition. If the patient’s state of health changes significantly (for example, he becomes more or less poor), it is necessary to go through a new registration. If the patient’s condition has not changed, then his registration may remain active before discharge from the hospital or until the next reception, if the patient is observed in another hospital or The clinic for 24 hours. Transfusion therapy is used to treat several diseases, including anemia and circulatory disorders. It is also used during surgery, when the patient’s blood volume is reduced and its replenishment is required. In some cases, for example, with severe burns or internal injuries, a person may need a re -transfusion of blood for a certain time. Smoke of patients with blood loss during surgery or other medical conditions requiring blood transfusion, nurses are often responsible for monitoring patients after transfusion blood. Crossing blood can be carried out by various methods, depending on the type of procedure. Most often, blood transfusion is carried out by intravenous administration (IV) or intraosseous (IO). With intravenous transfusion, access to the patient’s vein is carried out by introducing the needle into the skin in the area of ​​the elbow or forearm; This needle joins the tube, which leads to a bag with the necessary liquid. With IO-overwhelming, a long needle is inserted directly into the bone marrow into the patient’s femoral bone; Then this needle is connected to a pipe that goes out of the body to another bag with a liquid. Military hospitals require patients to sign the form of informed consent before undergoing any medical procedure, including blood transfusion. Strona kasyna Super Cat na telefon nie posiada autorskiej aplikacji kasyna w sklepie Play i Appstore. Mimo to właściciel w pełni dostosował ofertę domowej strony dla każdego urządzenia mobilnego. Celem gry na smartfonie wystarczy wpisać adres w pasek przeglądarki miejsce , a system sam wykryje urządzenie i dopasuje kontent do rozmiaru wyświtlacza. Ponadto w kasynie gry są dostosowane pod urządzenia mobilne, a gracze mogą swobodnie się rejestrować i logować do konta.



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